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Zwei!! for PC entrance west as Zwei: The Arges Adventure this winter

Zwei: The Arges Adventure

Following a October 31 worldwide recover of Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection, that is patrician Zweri II Plus in Japan, XSEED Games has announced that it will recover a initial entrance in a series, Zwei: The Arges Adventure, that is famous as Zwei!! in Japan, for PC around Steam, GOG, and The Humble Store this winter.

Here’s an overview of a game, around a Steam page:


Pokkle and Pipiro are dual step-siblings vital by themselves in a ho-hum encampment of Puck on a time-forgotten floating continent of Arges. Pokkle loves creation terrible puns and wears a tail for funsies, and Pipiro loves shopping select garments and has no filter whatsoever. Together, they wander by what seems to be a peaceful, unchanging existence in their exhausted small burg where zero engaging ever happens.

Until something does, anyway! A puzzling masked figure shows adult one night and steals 6 holy idols from a internal shrine. The self-proclaimed “Archduke of Arges” tenders a large prerogative for their return, and a “brave” twin jumps during a possibility to go find them – Pokkle for a glory, and Pipiro particularly for a money moneys.

Their tour will take them to any final indentation and corner opposite a land and lead to confrontations with a far-reaching accumulation of friends and foes, any some-more ridiculous than a last, as a sinister tract to revitalise an ancient “Demon Lord” unfolds and 500 years’ value of story comes into focus. Can dual 14-year-olds with singular abilities and roughly no amicable skills truly save a day? Or is Arges only flattering many screwed?

Released in Japan simply as Zwei!!Zwei: The Arges Adventure is a approach prototype to a formerly expelled Nihon Falcom movement RPG Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection, from a creators of a popular Ys and The Legend of Heroes franchises.

Boasting a totally standalone story set on a puzzling “low fantasy” island floating among a clouds, Zwei: The Arges Adventure plays out as a classically styled action-oriented 2D cave crawler with oodles of discretionary calm and unlockables, player-defined plea by a singular food-based knowledge system, and a pervading tongue-in-cheek amusement impression that helps set it detached from other entries in a genre. Although expelled on several opposite platforms in Japan over a years, this is a initial time it’s ever been strictly expelled in English, and is a many feature-complete chronicle of a diversion to date.

So what are we watchful for? There’s no need to ask Zwei; we Arges gonna have to play this diversion right now!

Key Features

  • SD Anime-Style Characters Inhabiting a Colorful Hand-Drawn 2D World – Boasting pleasing painterly art abundant with fact and animations, and populated with an equally colorful expel of super-deformed anime characters who are constantly on a move, a universe of Arges feels eternally alive and energetic.
  • Fast and Chaotic Combat Featuring a Plucky Duo of Protagonists (and One Pet) – Fend off bloody enemies in genuine time with Pokkle’s m�lange attacks and Pipiro’s innumerable magics, and solve puzzles to swell by a game’s many dungeons, all while possibly flanked by a constant pet or while monitoring pronounced pet from distant as it goes off on a possess darling small journeys.
  • Tongue-in-Cheek Story and Characters Providing Genuine Humor – Pokkle’s terrible puns and Pipiro’s all-encompassing snark mix with quirky NPCs, self-aware dialogue, uncanny and doubtful locations, over-the-top situations, fourth-wall breaking, discretionary side-quests, and some-more to yield a honestly humorous and energetic RPG experience.
  • Food-Based Leveling System Allowing Players to Challenge a Game on Their Own Terms – Eat food to level-up, or store your food so we can sell it in city for even improved food down a line that grants even some-more experience. Will we stay low-level and plea dungeons good over your means for a guarantee of some-more level-ups to come, or will we engorge yourself on direct to make a highway forward a small easier?
  • Minigames, Music, Achievements, Art, and More, Creating a Definitive Zwei Experience – Play an Ys-inspired typing tutor, an darling nonetheless monster aeroplane shmup, or a retard puzzler that rewards we for not making combos – or maybe only take a time to assistance beam your pet by a oppressive forest for several spoils! If that’s not enough, because not try for one of a innumerable new achievements, find out one of a newly illustrated impression bromides, or switch out a unchanging soundtrack for a 2008 organised version? You can even play a diversion with Japanese content if we want! Add to that a brood of control improvements and other modernizations, and we have a ultimate refurbish to this unsung Falcom classic!

Watch a teaser trailer below. View a set of screenshots during a gallery.

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