Zoink Games announces Flipping Death for Switch

Flipping Death

Zombie Vikings developer Zoink Games has announced Flipping Death, a new diversion for Switch and “other platforms” set in a tiny city where Death is on vacation.

Here’s an overview of a game, around Zoink:


With Flipping Death, we wish to let we into a twisted, abounding and colorful worlds of Flatwood Peaks and The Otherside. The Otherside, we competence wonder, what on earth is that? Well, it’s not utterly on earth during all. It’s on – we guessed it – a other side of it. And with a click of a button, we can spin a worlds around to exhibit their secrets!

Flip and Possess

But things are utterly opposite on a Otherside. What was a mountain can unexpected turn a creepy mansion, and that lovable small automobile a terrible monster. It’s also a home for ghosts. Ghosts with issues, anticipating it tough to pierce along. And that’s where Penny comes in. Penny, who incidentally ends adult with a grave reapers pursuit when he takes a most indispensable vacation. Suddenly, she gets a energy to possess and control a people still alive in Flatwood Peaks, a nifty pretence that turns out to be utterly handy.

Coming to Nintendo Switch

In many ways, Flipping Death is a devout inheritor to Stick It to The Man! Once again, we have assimilated army with a extraordinary author Ryan North (known for his work on Adventure Time and his possess Dinosaur Comics) to emanate a universe full of quirky characters and peculiar surprises.

Flipping Death will be accessible for a Nintendo Switch as good as other platforms. We don’t have a recover date yet, though we’ll tell we some-more in a arriving months. We wish you’re as vehement as we are about this arriving title! It will be flipping awesome!

Watch a proclamation trailer below.

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