Yakuza 0 launch trailer, giveaway DLC announced

Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 is accessible currently for PlayStation 4 in a Americas and Europe. And with it comes a launch trailer and downloadable calm plans.

According to Sega, it will be releasing a few rags over a subsequent integrate of weeks that supplement giveaway downloadable calm to a game. Each collection will enclose calm such as new outfits, weapons, items, and crafting components. The initial downloadable calm is accessible today, and 3 additional batches will be done accessible each week until Feb 14. Players can entrance these bonuses in a diversion by articulate to Bob a jester in front of a tabernacle in Kamurocho or Sotenbori.

Here’s an overview of a game, around Sega:


Dateline, Dec. 9, 1988. Japan’s burble economy is in full swing, and so are a vices and costly tastes of a denizens, and everybody has a cost in Yakuza 0, a pre-quel to Sega’s long-running series. The illusory red-light districts of Kamurocho, Tokyo and Sotenbori, Osaka are ripping during a seams for forward immature criminals to make or take some critical stacks of yen, be it violence adult travel thugs or using a genuine estate investment scheme. Players will assistance figure a foundations of a mythological array protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and a sinful Goro Majima.

Yakuza 0 tells a start stories of Kazuma Kiryu, a rising Dragon of Dojima, and Goro Majima, before he’s famous as a Mad Dog of Shimano, as they fight, hustle, flirt, and dance their approach by a decrepit underbelly of Japan. Taking place in a cold though electric Kamurocho, Tokyo in Dec 1988, Kiryu’s story follows his solid ascent adult a ranks of a Dojima yakuza crime family until he gets blamed for a debt collection left wrong. Kiryu contingency implement his deceit and his fists in sequence to recover his respect and save a repute of his father figure, Shintaro Kazama. Meanwhile, Goro Majima is using a renouned musical in Osaka, though he wants some-more than anything to react a yakuza house that suspended him. He’ll need to finish a array of unfit tasks set by his bosses, though will these tasks pull Majima past a indicate of no return?


  • The Dragon’s Origins: What lies in a man’s past defines his future, and in this case, we learn a lot about what inspires Kiryu down a paths he takes in a rest of a Yakuza series. Plus, we don’t get to be called “Dragon” but being means to hit a few heads. Combat styles can be hot-swapped during fights for some of a many heated battles in a Yakuza array to date.
  • Embrace a Mad Dog: For a initial time in a numbered game, long-time NPC Goro Majima is playable. With his possess fighting style, abilities, and his gusto for branch sleaze into profit, stepping into a purpose of Yakuza‘s many individualist impression will yield some eye-opening insight.
  • The Decadence of a 1980s in Japan: Cash manners all in a universe of Yakuza 0, and in a game, there are a million ways to spend, make, or take money. From money spilling out of a pockets of squad members we quarrel to Telephone Clubs, Disco Halls, or even Pocket Circuit automobile races, there are tons of ways to be a well-to- do gangster.

Watch a launch trailer below.

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