XSEED Games outlines Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns DLC localization dilemma

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

With Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns rising on Feb 28 in Japan, fans might be extraordinary if a game’s post-launch downloadable content, that was expelled for giveaway in 4 rags over a march of 6 months in Japan, will also be entrance west. In a developer blog, publisher XSEED Games outlines because it possibly won’t happen, or it will and it won’t be free.

First, here is all that a 4 giveaway rags expelled in Japan sum to a game:

  • A new bachelor and bachelorette: Stephanie a competition MC and Woofio. Yes, Woofio a competition decider in a dog suit. This includes new proprietor and intrigue events for these characters.
  • A few new events such as your father entrance to revisit and removing together with friends of a same gender for a meal.
  • The ability to have a child with a game’s tip matrimony candidate.
  • A new “performer” story (Which are identical to a TV channels in a prior Story of Seasons).
  • A new pet, Cheburashka, a Russian animation impression that has a participation in Japan.
  • New costumes, including ones formed on Lest and Frey from Rune Factory 4.
  • New greeting discourse for opposite outfits and pets from bachelors and bachelorettes.

As XSEED notes, one of a rags includes over 200,000 characters of Japanese text. For comparison’s sake, a initial Corpse Party, also expelled by XSEED, has about 210,000 Japanese characters. That’s where a problem lies.

The final turn of downloadable calm launched in Japan in mid-December, when a English chronicle of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns has entered QA and a acquiescence proviso of localizing a categorical game. With downloadable calm of that size, XSEED says, it would be unfit to embody in a categorical diversion but loitering it by months.

XSEED says a downloadable calm would cost “upwards of 6 figures” to localize, “over half of that is programming and QA costs,” and a same volume of income and manpower could “almost recover a full other title.”

The publisher’s quandary now is either or not to focus a content. If it does, XSEED says it’s many expected looking during a $3.99 per patch cost point, with a initial and second rags sum into a singular patch, given that they enclose reduction calm than a third and fourth patches, for a sum recover of 3 rags instead of four.

XSEED sum that even if it were to focus a downloadable content, charging for it would meant they can’t embody Cheburashka, and that even charity him for giveaway wouldn’t have guaranteed a license.

The publisher wants to know what fans have to contend about a matter. So feel giveaway to conflict on amicable media: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook.

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