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Xbox One Reviews: Design, Specifications, Pros, and Cons

Although Mobile and PC gaming has so many enthusiasts nowadays, it doesn’t mean that console games are no longer popular. In fact, many producers still try to develop them in many ways. One of them is Xbox One developed by Microsoft. It is basically an answer from Microsoft to the challenge for the release of PlayStation 4 Pro. So, what are the specifications of this console games? Check them out.


It is impossible to directly play the game without seeing the design of hardware at first. It is so interesting since the design is simple and compact enough in black. More than that, it looks so tough and solid with finishing of both glossy and matte. For the dimensions, it is produced with sizes of 33.3×27.4×7.9 in centimeters for the length, width, and height. It is a little big bigger than its competitor, PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, the controller also has cool design in black for almost all parts. It is starting from the body to the buttons. Well, it seems that Xbox One is really advanced in term of look.


However, even if the console is really beautiful in term of look, the specifications must not be forgotten as well. Again, the specifications are not that far from PS4. Here are then the details. First, there are 8 GB DDR3 RAM in which 3 GB of it has been used for the operating system. For the processor, it takes advantage of the processor of 8-core as well as the x86 processor. It features the 500 GB hard drive; it is quite large for console game on its class. Meanwhile, other features available are the Blu-Ray drive, 3 ports of USB 3.0, HDMI port for in and out, and special VGA designed for Xbox One based on the architecture of AMD.

Actually, the strength of hardware is important indeed but it is not the only and the most important matter after all. Something to be remembered is that this is a kind of game. The developers must pay attention more about how the game can be played and accessed as smooth as possible. It is like in term of visual graphic, audio, and performance.


Xbox One is indeed potential for a kind of gaming console with many exclusive games. Unfortunately, many of them are released outside just like the Xbox 360. This can be the benefit and lack. This matter tends to make the performance seem lighter anyway. However, it means that gamers must do some other efforts to get the games that are available outside. Interestingly, there is also the service of Xbox Live Gold, a kind of subscribing system with many interesting features.

Pros and Cons

It can be said that Xbox one is another version and another brand of PlayStation 4. Almost all features offered are just the same including the additional services. More than that, here is the list of pros and cons of this console.

· Pros : compact and simple design, great visual graphic up to the details, the availability of subscribing service.

· Cons : quite heavy, many games are provided outside.


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