Xbox One Project Scorpio RAM Details

Microsoft has reliable that it’s operative on a some-more absolute chronicle of a Xbox One console that is codenamed Project Scorpio. We don’t design to get a demeanour during this console until E3 2017 after this year, though a new news claims to trickle some Project Scorpio RAM details.

We can tell we that in this report, it states that one of a biggest differences between Project Scorpio and a Xbox One and Xbox One S is a dismissal of ESRAM.

This information apparently comes from a request that was expelled on Microsoft’s growth portal and it gives some sum about a hardware specs of Project Scorpio. It won’t have ESRAM like existent Xbox One consoles. This creates clarity when we consider about it since Microsoft is not permitting growth of games usually for Scorpio, so developers will have to continue optimizing their games for ESRAM to safeguard that they sojourn concordant with Xbox One and Xbox One S.

The news also says that a 4K-ready Project Scorpio will have support for delta tone application to revoke a volume of GPU bandwidth indispensable to describe tone pixels. Microsoft already formerly reliable that this new console is going to have 8 CPU cores with 320 GB/s memory bandwidth braggadocio 6 teraflops of performance. It should launch Project Scorpio around a holiday deteriorate after this year. Take it with a pellet of salt for now, though this console sounds great.

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