Will The Nintendo Switch Support VR?

Nintendo Switch

The new Nintendo Switch console is due to launch subsequent month and Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima recently spoke to Time about their new console.

If we have been wondering either a Nintendo Switch is able of ancillary VR and it looks like a console is during slightest able of ancillary VR.

When Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishim was asked if a Switch was absolute adequate to support VR, he gave a following answer.

The really elementary answer is yes. We’ve pronounced this before, and we feel like we’re observant it a lot, though we are meddlesome and doing investigate into this field. The question, of course, is “What is a best approach to move practical existence to a business as a form of entertainment?” Not just, “Hey, look! It’s realistic!” or whatever, though what is a best approach to use this record to move something fun to a consumer base? We are really looking during that.

Whether or not Nintendo will move VR to their Switch consple stays to be seen and if they do this is not something that will be accessible during launch subsequent month.

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