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What Makes Gamers Have to Buy PlayStation 4 Pro

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Playstation 4 is coming with its new product namely playstation 4 Pro. Let’s check a little bit the detail and specification of this game console.

The Overview

The launch of Playstation 4 Pro is good news for PlayStation lovers especially for those who have 4K HDR television owners. Playing your favorite PlayStation 4 Pro game looks real and it gives different gaming experience. In the sense of design, PlayStation 4 Pro is just look like PlayStation 4. The first similarity is on its flat parallelogram. The size of this latest PlayStation console is a little bit bigger and heavier than the previous generation. It seems that black is their favorite color and because of that PlayStation is trying to keep this color until the launch of PlayStation 4 Pro.


Due to the old fashion design, PlayStation wants to improve the features maximally. For example, there are two super speed ports which used for syncing, charging controller, and connecting. There is also audio system and camera port. Unfortunately, this gaming console doesn’t have HDMI input port just like installed on Xbox One.


One more reason to buy Playstation 4 Pro is because of the system. This is including 1TB hard drive. It means you will be supported by additional 500GB than the original Playstation 4. Interestingly, there is also an improved Wi-Fi antenna which useful for wireless and Bluetooth connection. The system helps this console download games faster and then play it smoothly. Just imagine that you are able to download a 160MB game less than a minute. You can also explore the menu faster as well as manage the menu by the language you are mastered. This console support 4K television and 30 frames per second and it make the image looks real and smooth. Basically, it is also good to play game such as Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Years Celebration smoothly in 1080p television. From the performance it seems that you can’t expect something as great as PC gaming system but PlayStation 4 Pro is a great option for PlayStation lovers.


There is no significant changing on the controller. PlayStation keeps the old design, shape, and size of the controller. The different is that you can choose to use wired or wireless controller for the most comfortable gaming experience.

Pros and Cons

From the explanation above, it can be conclude that PlayStation grows well from PS, PS2, Playstation 3, PlayStation 4, and including PlayStation 4 Pro. This console offers great content to purchase in affordable price. Even, the technology is able to stream PS 4 Pro on PC. Gamers really feel the improvement of this latest PlayStation product. Overall, you are about to play high resolution games and higher frame rates which make you satisfy with the performance of this console. ​

Too bad, PS 4 is lack of 4K UHD blu ray player and a little bit different than Xbox 360 X but at least it is compatible with Microsoft. So, what do you think about PlayStation 4 Pro? Do you want to try this latest console? Find out the complete information about gaming news from this website for regular update.

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