VR Tennis Online for PlayStation VR launches Feb 16 in Japan

VR Tennis Online

VR Tennis Online will launch for PlayStation VR around a PlayStation Store in Japan on Feb 16 for 2,490 yen, developer Colopl announced.

The practical existence sports diversion initial launched for Oculus Rift in Mar 2016. Here’s an overview of a title, around a English central website:


A new online multiplayer tennis diversion from Colopl.

Choose from 8 singular players and suffer a brew of picturesque plan and arcade thrills. Simple controls embody 4 bottom shots and an collection of Killer Techniques.

Not confident with offline games? Jump online and play in real-time with players around a universe to boost your tellurian rank!


  • Charge adult your energy with simple shots, and afterwards unleash your Killer Techniques
  • 12 opposite Killer Techniques for we to select from
  • Online play automatically matches we with opponents formed on your rating. Win matches to face off with stronger opponents.
  • Separate ratings for Singles and Doubles so we get matched with people of identical rating in any category.

Watch a new trailer below. Visit a Japanese central website here.

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