Voez for Switch launches Mar 9 in a U.S., Mar 3 in Europe


The Switch chronicle of Rayark’s stroke movement diversion Voez will launch around a Nintendo eShop on Mar 9 in a U.S. for $25 and on Mar 3 in Europe for €21, publisher Flyhigh Works announced.

Here’s an overview of a game, around Flyhigh Works:


Voez is played by touching descending records in time with a music. Set in a illusory city named “Lan Kong Town”, that is modeled after Yilan in Taiwan, a story is centered around 6 high propagandize students who form a rope that eventually achieves general fame.

Gameplay is simple, requiring players to hold plumb descending records that have strike a bar on a bottom of a screen. Depending on a song, a series of lanes for a records boost and change side to side, creation a shade demeanour as if it is dancing to a music. There are over 100 songs in a library.

Three problem levels—“Easy,” “Hard,” and “Special”—are available. Players are means to select problem levels according to their ability so they might suffer all pieces.


Q: Is it means to play this diversion in TV-Mode?
A: No. This diversion is played regulating hold shade controls only. This diversion can't be played in TV mode

Q: Support denunciation is?
A: Japanese / English / Traditional Chinese / Korean.

Q: After buy a game, all strain is playable? no need some-more money?
A: Yes. after we buy a game, we can play a 116 songs in default.

Q: Is there any strain usually can play in Nintendo Switch?
A: Yes. this time, we ready “Ascension(xi)”as Nintendo Switch singular song. And we are planing to refurbish a songs (include some singular song) for giveaway in future.

In Japan, Voez will also launch on Mar 3.

Watch a brief new introduction trailer below.

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