Virtual Reality Chess Ultra Launches On PlayStation VR Spring 2017 (video)

Virtual Reality Chess

Ripstone Games is gearing adult to launch a new practical existence chess diversion on a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR this spring, bringing a rarely expected supplement to a strange diversion Pure Chess that launched behind in 2012.

Watch a proclamation trailer next to learn some-more about what we can design from a PlayStation VR and PS4 Pro diversion that offers a “massive step adult from a strange Pure Chess” contend a games developers.

Kelly Willoughby from Ripstone Games explains some-more about what we can design from a practical existence chess experience.

Not usually is a diversion going to be accessible in overwhelming 4K for PlayStation 4 Pro players, though PlayStation VR owners will be means to play a diversion in practical reality. We’re super vehement about that, as we competence have gathered!

Each of a Chess Ultra environments demeanour positively overwhelming in 4K, as we can see from a screenshots and a teaser trailer, and a chess sets themselves are only as slick. We’ve worked unequivocally tough to make each in. of Chess Ultra gleam and we consider you’re unequivocally going to get a wow cause when we foot adult a game. Running during a silky well-spoken 60 frames per second with textures beautifully rendered regulating PBR (physical formed rendering) this unequivocally is something special.

Developing a diversion from a belligerent adult with a inner group has authorised us to make a many pleasing chess diversion ever seen! And of course, there are all a facilities you’d design from a tip peculiarity chess game, and copiousness some-more on tip of that. There’s a outrageous volume of single-player content, including 10 opposite AI levels, mixed environments and a accumulation of overwhelming chess sets.

Once you’ve shown a AI what you’re done of, we can always take a movement online, and play opposite friends and other Chess Ultra players from around a world. We’ve got copiousness of diversion modes to keep we and your friends entertained online.

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