Tower of Guns studio announces Mothergunship for PS4, Xbox One, and PC


Grip Digital and Tower of Guns developer Terrible Posture Games have announced Mothergunship, a new bullet-hell first-person shooter hybrid entrance to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC around Steam.

Here’s a full overview, around Grip Digital:


Our idea is clear, a integrity strong, and a guns are very, really big. Terrible Posture Games, in partnership with Grip Digital, is unapproachable to announce Mothergunship, a bullet-hell FPS hybrid for PC and consoles that pits you, Earth’s final hope, opposite a armadas of data-hoarding robotic visitor invaders.

Mothergunship mixes bullet-hell power with a shooting, customization, and traversal of a first-person genre. Fight your approach by a visitor fleets, confronting randomized rivalry and turn mayhem as we transparent bedrooms and take out some of a biggest bosses seen in a FPS genre.


  • Fight – Face off opposite strenuous contingency in brutal, uninterrupted fight where meditative on your feet is a usually approach to survive. Dodge hundreds of bullets with singular FPS / bullet-hell hybrid gameplay. Each boat hosts hordes of visitor machines, lethal traps, and intimidating bosses, all set on preventing we from saving humanity. Go get ‘em.
  • Craft – To take down a Mothergunship, you’ll need your really possess personalized arsenal of destruction. Luckily, in Mothergunship we can emanate a gun of your dreams with one of a many modular gun-crafting systems ever seen in a videogame. Want to have twelve-barrel gun that shoots homing rockets? Or do we cite a lightning shotgun? And what gun wouldn’t demeanour improved with a fishtank merged to a top? Go for it! The pattern of your mortal arsenal is in your hands.
  • Resist – Join a ranks of tellurian insurgency transformation and take behind Earth together with your friends. Fight together with a crony in a full co-op experience, or attend with a village while we work together to cut by a visitor swift and strech that ultimate idea – bringing down a Mothergunship.

Watch a proclamation trailer below.

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