Toukiden 2 for PS4, PS Vita, and PC launches on Mar 21 in North America, Mar 24 in Europe

Toukiden 2

Toukiden 2 will launch for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC around Steam on Mar 21 in North America and Mar 24 in Europe, Koei Tecmo announced.

The press recover does not discuss a digital-only recover for any platform. Steam, of course, is digital-only within itself.

Pre-orders for Toukiden 2 embody a “Tenko Costume” armor, permitting Slayers to dress adult as their feathery companions, and a “Sanada Masayuki,” “Sanada Noboyuki,” “Sarutobi Sasuke,” and “Chiku Rin In” Miitama to accelerate a player’s skills and abilities. In North America, these are singular to Amazon, Best Buy, EB Canada, or GameStop. The European press recover doesn’t discuss any specific shops.

Here’s an overview of a game, around Koei Tecmo:

During an eventuality famous as a Awakening, when Oni scorched a universe and left it in ruins, a organisation of Slayers – defenders of humankind – set out to urge a city of Yokohama and expostulate behind an aggressive force of Oni. In a midst of their extreme battle, a hulk demon emerged, and non-stop a portal that swallowed a sole Slayer. Ten years later, and with no memory of a past, that Slayer awakens in Mahoroba Village. Toukiden 2 puts players into a boots of this puzzling Slayer, who is accompanied by a singular expel of constrained characters: Hakase, a highbrow penetrating to learn a law of a world, Tokitsugu, a Machina flushed with a tellurian soul, Gwen, a immature British Slayer and master of sword and shield, Benizuki, a amicable associate deliberate to be a strongest Slayer in town, and Homura, an ex-thief incited Slayer who wields a sequence whip.

The ever-inventive Professor has assembled a singular device for Slayers that creates a earthy phenomenon of their thoughts: a Demon Hand. Using this bizarre apparatus, players can squeeze onto foes and chuck themselves into a atmosphere to land blows from above, as good as govern shy attacks to impact Oni into a ground. Not usually is a Demon Hand useful in fight and it also aids in scrutiny of a game’s immeasurable open landscape, a Otherworld. Areas might be blocked off or out of reach, though regulating an Oni Smash with a Demon Hand, players can destroy obstacles but ever withdrawal a trace, and differently untouched ledges are simply reached with an Oni Grapple.

Besides a beasts that bluster to discharge humanity, a universe of Toukiden 2 is also home to creatures that assist players on their quest. For example, materials for improving weapons and armor can be simply collected by grouping overworked Machina out to try a Otherworld. By upgrading and repair these robotic partners, Machina are means to move behind rarer and aloft quantities of materials to emanate improved apparatus during a Blacksmith. In addition, a darling Tenko companions make their lapse in Toukiden 2 and can be saved from hazard while exploring a Otherworld. Once rescued, Tenko can be cared for, and once a Slayer’s bond with their Tenko is good enough, they can tour together in a Otherworld.

Watch a new trailer below. View a new set of screenshots during a gallery.

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