Toukiden 2 sum story, new weapons, and Mitama


Located amid a scruffy landscapes of Toukiden 2, a clearly pacific encampment of Mahoroba is riven by inner conflict. Despite being tasked with a insurance of Kagura, a Shrine Maiden, a town’s dual opposition clans – a Samurai and a Imperial Guard – strife for dominance, jeopardizing a reserve and a destiny of a refuge settlement. In an bid to defuse a tension, a Holy Mount has sent in a possess force of Slayers, though their participation feels some-more like a hazard than a trail to a pacific solution. Will a new Slayer who mysteriously seemed on a hinterland of Mahoroba combine a raging guardians, or will a harmful events that tore once-allied factions detached overcome and sound a finish of humanity?

New Weapons: Sword Shield and Chain Whip

Forced to confront both inner and outmost conflicts, a player’s conflict skills and vital astuteness will be put to a ultimate test. Toukiden 2 offers a crowd of different weapons to fit any quarrel style, including swords, spears, knives, gauntlets, chain-sickles (kusarigama), bows, clubs, polearms, and rifles. Additionally, dual series-first arms forms make their entrance in Toukiden 2: a Sword Shield, a multiple charity a plain mix of offense and defense, and a Chain Whip, that allows for fast-paced maneuvers that can fast rip detached Oni flesh. Each armament can be used for light and complicated attacks alike, and any offers special abilities that can be total with a versatile Demon Hand to change a beam of energy when battling Oni.


Weapons can be personalized and extended with a assistance of a liberated souls of depressed heroes, famous as Mitama. Defeating incomparable foes will giveaway Mitama from their Oni captors, and can afterwards be used to commission a player’s weapon, armor, or a Demon Hand with boosts in Attack, Defense, Speed, Healing, and Control. New to a Toukiden series, a component of Control specializes in summoning Oni to quarrel for a player! Once summoned, debasing Oni will conflict incoming foes as good as act as a fake to assistance shun an enemy’s grasp. However, usually 3 Mitama can be versed during a time, so selecting a best multiple during pre-battle credentials offers an critical tactical edge, and helps change a beam when confronting foes as lethal as a Oni!

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