The Xbox One Elite gamepad gets some-more customizable

The Xbox One Elite gamepad can be tailored to however we wish to use it. But what if you’d rather have a controller that wasn’t a customary black and grey? There’s always a Gears of War 4 edition’s.

Well, there’s another choice from Microsoft and Scuf, who are charity a controllers in a garland of colors and patterns. Isn’t carrying some-more choices wonderful?

You can’t go a full Xbox Design Lab route, though there are copiousness of cosmetic options for we to select from. Pick what we want: A CO fiber settlement for a body, blue and purple trim rings around a thumbstick pods, pinkish face buttons and prohibited pinkish form slider button. Or any other multiple we want. You can get custom-designed thumbsticks, D-pads and push setups too. It’s flattering sweet.

If we payed $150 for a gamepad already, those control levers, thumbsticks and D-pads will be accessible for sale too. You can even barter out a Elite’s default sidewall grips. You have to adore all of a options this gives you. The controllers start during $149, and a appendage packs operation from $30 to $40 and will be accessible someday “soon.” You are going to have one good looking controller when all is pronounced and done.

Source Engadget

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