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The Specifications, Pros and Cons of PlayStation 3

Do you like gaming and look for gaming news? Well, if yes, Playstation must be something which is really familiar for you. Playstation or known also as PS is a console produced by Sony widely played by people and interestingly, it recently launched its newest series, Playstation 3.

The Versions of Playstation 3

Playstation 3 has 3 versions namely PS3 Fat, PS3 Slim, and PS3 Super Slim. One of them that are mostly marketed is PS3 Super Slim. However, there is a saying that this series is no longer produced for some reasons. If this is true, it is so sad for sure by remembering that this version tends to have more excellence compared to the others. Fortunately, the Sony party argues that rumor by giving statement that PS3 Super Slim can still be found in the market. The most visible benefit is surely about the volume or size that is slimmer than the others. Besides, the weight is also around 25% lighter.


The dimension of Playstation 3 Super Slim version is 11.4 inch for the length, 2.36 inch for the width, and 9.05 inch for the height. This simple and small design eases the users in term of storage. More than that, it is easier as well to be matched with other electronic devices at home. There are some improvements you can find in this series anyway. One of them is no disc loading. So, just after turn it on, you don’t need to wait it until the game can be played. To make the design simpler, there are only two USB ports on the front part and infrared connector to support the remote control. Other features provided here are 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, BRAVIA Sync XMB control (CEC), Super Slim Form Factor, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio bit streaming, and Dual Shock 3 controller. If You any problem PS3 Can Loook at this video.


PlayStation 3 is also able to display HDTV with Blue Ray as well as CD, DVD, and game. Meanwhile, the processor applied is also considered as the best on its class; it is Cell Microprocessor with speed of 3.2 GHz. It makes the gaming activity can be done more smoothly without being disturbed by any lagging. Aside from that, other features are RAM of 256 MB and NVIDIA RSX Reality Synthesizer for greater graphic to improve the image resolution. More than that, this series is again divided into 3 more classifications; they are 12 GB, 250 GB, and 500 GB versions. Initially, the 12 GB version is only for the markets of Europe and Japan. Then the others are spreading all around the world. But you should be happy now that the 12 GB version may also be already available in your country.

Pros and Cons

Sure, even if Playstation 3 is so good, there are still lacks on some parts. Here are the pros and cons.

· Pros

It uses the newest technology to optimize the floating point operation, the internet feature, great design, and availability of online network.

· It cannot be supported by the memory card and joy stick from PlayStation 2.

So, are you interested to buy PlayStation 3?

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