The Silver Case for PS4 impression introduction trailer

Sumio Kodai

Originally from a industrial city of Mikumo, Sumio was reserved to a Heinous Crimes Unit after graduating from a Central Police Academy. Since afterwards he has served effectively as a fortitude of a 24 Wards Police Department. He has a partnership with Kusabi and always likes to get into a heart of an investigation. He has a critical opinion and is above sparse disagreements within a dialect over standing and promotion, focusing usually on preventing crimes and elucidate mysteries. His story suggests that he gave adult a possibility to make a bigger name for himself out of choice, yet his genuine motives sojourn unclear.

Tetsugoro Kusabi

A maestro representative who is partnered with Sumio, Tetsugoro might give off a sense of a dull-witted male past his prime, though when it comes to questioning crime he is means to act on instinct and lead a box to a resolution. As a informal representative he headed a Silver Case 20 years ago, that was resolved with his detain of a hit-man famous as “Original Kamui”, Uehara Kamui. His success was rewarded and he was reallocated to a Security Department, though in correspondence with a wishes of his former trainer Kotobuki, he was done an additional member of a Heinous Crimes Unit during a inauguration. there is also another side to him that is a unchanging father, frightened of losing a love of his daughter.

Chizuru Hachisuka

Chizuru has a credentials in crime review formed on a collection of systematic justification and data. Level-headed and beautiful, she is a usually womanlike member, though in law no one can mount her. There are mostly conflicts between her and Kusabi, who prefers to rest on his instincts when elucidate a case. She possesses a clever enterprise to allege her career, though she also harbors doubts with courtesy to her position and purpose in a HC Unit. While she constantly and quickly rejects a determined advances of her partner Morikawa, low down inside she is indeed rather captivated to him.

Kiyoshi Morikawa

A messenger of Kusabi given a days they worked together as informal agents, Morikawa is a maestro who has served in a HC Unit given a inception. Calm and collected, he is an fit and gifted agent. His colleagues consider him rather inconstant due to mostly being absent from a office, incompetent to locate his whereabouts. At such a time, however, he is to be found during a stage of a crime, conducting consummate questioning in hunt of profitable evidence. His efforts might go unnoticed, though appropriation information firsthand proves to be an effective proceed when it comes to elucidate cases. He does not demur to offer whatever support he can for his team, though looks like he has seen some things that he would not wish to speak about to anyone.

Morichika Nakategawa

Nakategawa is a male who always has his hair slicked back, wears ironed shirts and gives off a well-groomed impression. He hates operative as a organisation and mostly insists on operative alone. However, given he used to work in a open zone he has connectons to be found in any and each area and can safeguard communications with adjacent parties go smoothly. He focuses some-more on questioning from a military dialect than acid for clues during a stage out of his approach to offer Sumio assistance. Or maybe from another angle we could contend he is aiding Kusabi by Sumio.

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