The Oculus Rift and Touch gold cost is now $200 cheaper

It is only a few weeks divided from a one-year anniversary of Oculus shipping a Rift to customers, so now seems like a good time for a association to dump some news. Maybe some prices. They have finished only that.

Starting now, Oculus will start offered Rift and Touch bundles on a store for only $598, that is about a $200 cost cut.

Separately, a Rift headset is now $499 while a Touch controllers are $99, so any had a cost dump of $100. Also, a cost of an additional Oculus sensor is now $59, that is $20 reduction than it was before. So this is a good time to buy if we have not already finished so.

“Oculus’ goal is to expostulate VR to a mass market,” Jason Rubin, Oculus’ VP of calm pronounced in an interview. “There are dual elemental things that we need to pull on to do that.” The initial is apparently content, that explains because Facebook has spent over $250 million on developers to emanate thousands of games and practice for a VR platform. The second is to reduce a price. And now they have finished only that. “This is how record moves forward,” says Rubin. “Prices dump so some-more people can means it.” Hopefully that plan pays off.

Source Engadget

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