The Great Ace Attorney 2 initial details, screenshots

■ Introduction

The Great Ace Attorney 2

Late 19th century. At a finish of this century, a largest universe satisfactory was hold during a good majestic collateral of London. However. In a shadows of a universe satisfactory that symbolizes a apex of prosperity, a dim array of events set a new box in motion.

From a Empire of Japan to a British Empire, a grand story that spans opposite dual worlds will again set in motion. The second partial of Ryunosouke Naruhodo’s full justice movement play starts now!

■ Main Characters

Ryunosuke Naruhodo

The Great Ace Attorney 2

The protagonist of The Great Ace Attorney 2. A college tyro during Teito Yuumei University in a Empire of Japan. As a outcome of a certain incident, he travels to a British Empire and becomes an attorney. In a unfamiliar land, he comes opposite a good investigator Sherlock Holmes and, together with him and his colleagues, frequently takes on puzzling cases.

Sherlock Holmes

The Great Ace Attorney 2

The world’s biggest detective. His reasoning, formed on observational skills that surpasses tellurian intellect, is estimable of a name, judicious acrobatics.

Susato Mikotoba

The Great Ace Attorney 2

A lady who once upheld Ryunosuke as his “judicial assistant.” Now, a certain box has brought her behind home to Japan. As Ryunosuke is a counsel in office of believe in a unfamiliar country, she worries about him.

Iris Watson

The Great Ace Attorney 2

A lady who lives with Holmes. She is a author of “Sherlock Holmes’ Adventures,” a novel of measureless recognition in London. At 10 years old, she is a spectacle child with a PhD in medical science.

■ A Certain Case…

The Great Ace Attorney 2

Susato is seen station alone atop a tiny mountain with a view. There, subsequent to a singular hunger tree, she offers flowers to someone’s grave.

Speaking of a chairman whose grave Susato is visiting… what comes to mind while she thinks of that person…?

Then, a minute reaches Ryunosuke. Which sets into suit a awakening of a certain, dark case…

■ A Certain Place Connected to a Hidden Case

This seems to be one of a places connected to a new case. It is lonesome in patchwork, with has worn-out walls and decorations. There is a wig-like object on a building to a right of a room, and some arrange of backdrop to a left of a room.

The Great Ace Attorney 2

Seeing a dusty garments and such, it doesn’t seem to be a room of really good use. Just what is it that happened here?

The Great Ace Attorney 2

It seems that some arrange of occurrence occurred during this new location. In a screenshots, London military headquarters’ Detective Gregson of Scotland Yard can be seen. What is a definition of this “cursed lodging,” as Gregson puts it? It seems that Homles’ super logic will be on full arrangement again this time.

■ An Overview of a Ace Attorney Series’ Basic Systems

The Great Ace Attorney 2 uses a traditional, “point out lies and contradictions to arrangement a truth” systems that a Ace Attorney array is famous for. The basis of these systems are a same. You’ll allege a story by personification by “Detective Parts” and “Courtroom Parts.”

When an occurrence occurs, you’ll examine a crime stage and collect testimonies and justification in “Detective Parts,” afterwards use a testimonies and justification we collected in that partial as ammunition in your “Courtroom Part” conflict to arrangement a law behind a case. The “Joint Reasoning” and “Jury Battle” systems singular to The Great Ace Attorney also seem in any part.

Detective Parts

Investigate a crime scene, accumulate justification and testimonies from those connected to a incident, and collect a things that will turn a mixture for conflict in a courtroom. Be certain to not disremember any justification or testimony!

The Great Ace Attorney 2

Detective Parts consists of 4 categorical actions to examine a case: “Examine,” “Talk,” “Move,” and “Press.” “Move” to and from places connected to a incident, and “Examine” a crime stage and associated places. Then, “Talk” to and “Press” those connected to a occurrence to get information.

Courtroom Parts

The Great Ace Attorney 2

Use a testimonies and justification collected during a Detective Part to conflict opposite witnesses and prosecutors who tell lies and contradictions. Expose a law to achieve a turnabout innocence!

The Great Ace Attorney-Exclusive Systems

Joint Reasoning (During Detective Parts)

During Detective Parts, there are times when—if Holmes is present—a “Joint Reasoning” will occur. With Holmes’ pointy watching eye and unlimited logic ability, you’ll go to a domain of astonishing and unimaginable reasoning. The player, as Ryunosuke, rebuts a bizarre tools of his logic and leads him to a truth.

The Great Ace Attorney 2

The Great Ace Attorney 2

Holmes’ super logic and Ryunosuke’s rebuttals make adult “Joint Reasoning.” Cooperate with Holmes to exhibit a truth!

Jury Battle (During Courtroom Parts)

In a London courtroom, in further to a presiding judge, a pointless jury of 6 London adults have change over a final judgment. If a box is judged as “guilty” after conference a testimonies of a prosecutors and witnesses, we can convince a jury, that passes a judgment, and have them re-examine their verdict. If your warning is a success, we can get a outcome turned-about to “innocent!”

The Great Ace Attorney 2

Expose a law by attack a jury with justification of a lies and contradictions of a declare testimonies, indicate out a contradicting opinions among jurors, and achieve a turnabout innocence!

The Flow of a London Courtroom

An outline of a events – declare cranky hearing – a preference from a jury and a shutting arguments – jury conflict – ongoing deliberation, if successful, and your possibility for a turnabout decision.

—Witness Cross-Examination

The Great Ace Attorney 2

“Cross-Examination” is when we determine a witness’ testimony. Shake adult and press a declare to find contradictions in their testimony and put them on arrangement as evidence.

—Jury Battle

The Great Ace Attorney 2

During a “Jury Battle,” a 6 jurors make adult your opponents. After witnessing a cross-examinations, a jury will make a preference on either a indicted is “guilty” or “innocent.” If they’re assured a indicted is guilty, we can convince a jury and try to achieve a turnabout innocence.

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