The Division PTS Patch Notes Update 1.6 Add New Game Mode And More

Global PTS Patch Update 1.6 and Last Stand

The subsequent patch that will be rolled out for a renouned The Division online initial chairman shooter combined by Ubisoft will move with it a new diversion mode called a Last Stand.

Although Ubisoft has not reliable a recover date for a subsequent refurbish to The Division diversion a association has supposing a full list of all a patch records inventory sum about a new diversion mode, new intrusion and all a diversion changes we can design to suffer once a patch rolls out someday in a nearby future.

Expansion 3: Last Stand – Please note that we contingency possess a Last Stand DLC to benefit entrance to this content.

– Last Stand diversion mode – Note that Last Stand will not be activated when a PTS opens. It will be activated during a after date during PTS testing.
– SHD tech information relays that are installed with operational information where left behind in a DZ with a JTF was forced to withdrawal. Rogues have targeted these information relays and are attempting to entrance what’s inside. Engage in 8 contra 8 PvP quarrel and secure a information before a Rogues can.
– Fight to control 3 pivotal tactical locations on one of 4 Dark Zone maps.
– In sequence to constraint a tactical location, a group will need to control 3 objectives inside a location. Once a tactical plcae is secured, a group will start scoring points.
– First group to strech a max score, wins.
– To assistance propel their group to victory, players can activate absolute fortifications and SHD tech tactical boosts.

New Incursion – Lost Signal

– Lost Signal takes place in a municipal TV Broadcast core taken over by a barbarous Rikers gang.
– Players will try into 3 opposite wings and face singular quarrel scenarios. Each confront is meant to pull players to play tactically and make a best use of their builds.
– All wings move their possess hurdles and rewards; completing all of them will clear a final trainer quarrel and a strongest antithesis yet.

For a list of each tweak, encouragement and underline rolling out in a subsequent Division patch burst over to a central Ubisoft forums by following a couple below.

Source: Ubisoft

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