The Assembly First-Person Interactive Story Now Available (video)

The Assembly

nDreams has now done a non-VR chronicle of their initial chairman interactive video game, The Assembly available for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. The Assembly was formerly launched on a PSVR, Oculus Rift, and a HTC Vive as a practical existence diversion that immerses we in a implicitly severe universe of a tip organisation.

Check out a non-VR Xbox One launch trailer next to learn some-more about what we can design from a interactive story that is now accessible to squeeze directly from a Xbox store labelled during $30.

PROGRESS ISN’T PERFECT A first-person interactive story for mature audiences, The Assembly immerses we in a implicitly severe universe of a tip organisation. Play as dual people from resisting perspectives where we will face trials, examine a Assembly’s tip fort and make tough decisions.

Will your actions and their repercussions save lives or lead to catastrophe? WHERE WILL YOU DRAW THE LINE? – Uncover a implicitly obscure Assembly by a retaining and satirical story. TWO PERSPECTIVES – Test your intensity in visitor Madeleine Stone’s initiation trials and expose a array of intolerable revelations as maestro Cal Pearson. MULTIPLE CONCLUSIONS – Thought-provoking dilemmas will lead we to doubt a Assembly’s relentless office of progress.

Source: Major Nelson

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