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The 7 Best Racing Games to Play PC or Android

The 5 Best Racing Games to Play PC or Android – Racing Game is a game that is loved by anyone in the world. This type of game offers quite interesting challenges so you will never get bored playing it.

Of the several choices available, we here summarize the best Racing Game in the world. You can try everything with a PC or gadget that is owned. The challenges offered are also no joke and certainly make the brain think fast.

Play a Racing Game Full of Challenges

As promised, we have prepared a review of the best Racing Games in the world that can be played now. If you are interested, see more!

1. Gran Turismo Series

Best Racing Games to Play PC or Android
Best Racing Games to Play PC or Android

it’s incomplete to discuss a racing simulation game without calling Gran Turismo. In a way, the game made by Polyphony Digital which was released exclusively on the PlayStation is what popularized the racing sim genre to casual gamers when it was first released in 1997.

Why is Gran Turismo so popular? The answer is simple. Gran Turismo is the most complete racing bin game at that time. With a collection of hundreds of cars like a walking encyclopedia, coupled with a detailed and realistic tuning system makes it excellent in the racing game arena.

GG and Gran Turismo don’t stop there. Together with Nissan, they held a program called GT Academy which aims to foster virtual racers in Gran Turismo to become real racers! Until now, no less than 20 names from various countries have graduated from this racing school made by Sony.

2. Forza Series

Forza Series
Forza Series

Talking about Gran Turismo, of course, we can’t escape the name Forza Motorsport. Following its parent console which is the bitter enemy of the PlayStation series, Forza is positioned as the Main Adversary of the game made by Polyphony Digital. Forza itself was first released in 2005 through Xbox Gen 1.

Both have the same central focus: a complete car, detailed tuning, and realistic handling. So no wonder, many people are staying with Forza as the eternal enemy of Gran Turismo.

Then what are the advantages of Forza that Gran Turismo does not have? The answer is in the Forza Horizon series. For those of you who don’t know, Horizon was created as a spin-off from Forza Motorsport (which later became a standalone title).

Horizon gameplay is a bit different from the FM series, where you will play in the open-world map the style of The Crew rather than racing on the circuit, of course, still with simulation-style handling.

3. F1 Series

F1 Series
F1 Series

Want to try the official race of the prestigious bin? F1 answer! Developed by Codemasters who are experienced in making sim racing games for 1 decade, of course handling models in F1 games especially F1 2019 cannot be doubted anymore. The reason is, F1 2019 has a recipe handling that could be considered right, good for beginners but fierce for seasoned racers.

As is common in official racing games, in any year F1 is certainly not free from career mode that you can observe as a single-player entertainment. The multiplayer itself is very competitive! even to the point that Liberty Media as a Formula 1 organizer organizes eSport specifically for this F1 game.

4. MotoGP


I’m bored with the first cars? Don’t fret, because you who like two wheels also have entertainment with the MotoGP. Like F1, MotoGP is certainly the official game of the premier two-wheeled race in the world!

Just like F1, this game made by Milestone also relies on career mode as a selling point for single-player mode. But they have unique features in multiplayer mode, where you can play as Race Director whose job is to organize your friends’ races!

More like a race than being a referee? calm down, there’s eSport here too. Recorded the event had entered season 3 when their latest game (2019) was released.



Feel MotoGP is too bland and less hardcore? Or you are more like a superbike than a prototype motorbike? Relax, there is a RIDE to answer both of your questions at once. Coming from the same developer as MotoGP, RIDE provided an approach that could be said to have never been touched by other developers, namely mass-production motor racing.

The thing that is in RIDE but not in MotoGP is your garage. That is certainly not surprising, considering that in MotoGP you are racing using the manufacturer’s motorbike while here you can buy your motorcycle. The bikes that you buy will later be able to use that to join the championship in their respective classes.

6. Project CARS

Sad EA does not continue Shift 2? calm down, there are Project CARS. This game is a follow-up pet project from Slightly Mad Studios after the Shift series, so it’s not surprising that these two-game series are similar. Through Project CARS, SMS seeks to maximize all the potential that they get from Shift while at the same time adding new features that if they miss or can’t develop at the time.

The result? It can be seen that there is a simulation of rain plus its effect on handling the car rather than the shiny dry Shift series. Besides, the damage indicator and the level of gasoline in the HUD is another factor that is not in the game made by the EA.

Bottom line is, this game is suitable for those of you who miss Shift’s handling but need more complex features and simulations. Indeed, you could say this game is the half-sister of Shift 2, even the developer just said that.


Onroad racing affairs, Codemasters do not want to lose with the names above. Through GRID, the British developer presents a cool made racing experience with a very varied choice of cars.

Born as a TOCA, in the beginning, the series only focused on touring car racing. But gradually this franchise’s focus began to expand after the presence of TOCA: Race Driver. Slowly but surely the name TOCA disappears following the loss of the focus of the touring car in this game, to the point of its birth through Race Driver: GRID.

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