System Shock reconstitute moves to Unreal Engine 4

System Shock

Night Dive Studios’ arriving System Shock reconstitute has changed from a formerly designed Unity engine to Unreal Engine 4, diversion executive Jason Fader told Polygon during a Game Developers Conference 2017.

“Unity is not a good engine to use if we wish to make an FPS on console,” Fader said. “So we spent a few weeks researching other engines, unequivocally diving low with Unreal and Lumberyard, and we done a preference to lift a trigger and pierce brazen with Unreal.”

Fader combined that Unreal Engine 4 was “the smarter instruction to go” given a game’s multiple of fidelity, cross-platform support, content-creation pipelines, and performance.

The remake, or “faithful reboot,” as Fader calls it,” will not hold a story or characters, though it will have some-more polished dialogue. Most of a classical creatures, weapons, items, and areas will return, though complicated diversion pattern beliefs and visuals are being applied. A lot some-more of a hire will be non-stop adult as well. Fader calls it “more of a Metroidvania-style game,” adding that, “at one indicate we wanted to call it open world, though it’s not a world. But it is plainly explorable. Once we get out of that starting area, a hire is your oyster.”

System Shock is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux in Q2 2018.

Watch a new pre-alpha gameplay video showcasing a diversion using on Unreal Engine 4 below. View a set of screenshots during a gallery.

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