Super Robot Wars V now accessible in Japan and Asia

Super Robot Wars V

Super Robot Wars V is now accessible for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan, as good as in Southeast Asia with English subtitles.

The latest pretension celebrating a Super Robot Wars series’ 25th anniversary, Super Robot Wars V is a make-believe RPG that sees robots from a series of franchises cranky a bounds of their worlds and join army to quarrel a common enemy. It tells an strange story set in a new world.

Here are a few new sum on launch day:

New System Feature: “Extra Action”

A new parameter called ExC (Extra Count) has been introduced. Accumulate ExC by fulfilling certain conditions such as aggressive rivalry units on a map, or leveling adult a unit’s categorical pilot. Use amassed ExC to activate a special “Extra Action” command, that allows a operation of special moves such as “Boost Dash,” “Direct Attack,” and “Smash Hit.”

New System Feature: “Extra Order”

The battleship-specific “Extra Order” authority uses ExC in sell for extenuation special effects to surrounding associated units, such as “Emergency Recovery,” “Focus Up,” “ExC Up,” and “Recover Action.” Except for “Focus Up,” nothing of a commands can be used on a player’s possess unit.

New Character: Nine

Super Robot Wars V

The further of Nine introduces a new impression whose existence is closely intertwined with a System 99 OS of a VangRay antecedent anti-alien mobile arms (the categorical character’s robot). Nine works alongside a game’s categorical characters Soji and Chitose.

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