Super Cloudbuilt announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Super Cloudbuilt

Coilworks and Double Eleven have announced Super Cloudbuilt, a remastered and updated chronicle of a 2014-launched PC pretension (Steam page) Cloudbuilt, due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this summer.

Super Cloudbuild is remastered and re-evaluated “from a bottom mechanics up.” It incorporates all of a downloadable calm levels expelled for Cloudbuilt into a bottom game, and boasts extended graphics, UI, and optimized gameplay. It is a “definitive edition” of Cloudbuilt, creation a knowledge some-more discerning to new players, while adding increasing abyss and variation, permitting we to select between holding your time to try and focusing on speeds and high scores.

Here’s a full overview of a game, around Double Eleven:

Super Cloudbuilt puts we in a purpose of Demi, a immature infantryman who wakes adult in a dull bombard of a busted building, in a core of a bizarre new world, away from her aged life and earthy body. Confused and isolated, Demi pushes herself physically and mentally to overcome a obstacles of her new reality.

Complete implausible feats of free-running and pointy shooting, regulating Demi’s rocket-powered exo-suit to jump and run by expanded worlds floating above a immeasurable abyss. With any new plea she overcomes Demi learns more, pulling her to square together a destiny now laid out before her. Demi persists, traversing levels, permitting her to knowledge mixed endings: will Demi learn to know and accept her new world, or doubt her existence and learn to plea it?

Featuring lightning-fast, action-packed speedrunning gameplay and confidant hand-crafted environments, Super Cloudbuilt appeals to players who value skill, plea and improvement. Speedrunners will strive for tip dog in a rankings and endless leaderboards, and players can also knowledge 3 gameplay modes (Story, Ranked and Rush mode) with a sum of 177 hurdles between a Time Trial, No Ammo, Fragile, Supercharge, Beacon, and Pathfinder options. Super Cloudbuilt combines all prior DLC levels into a bottom diversion and facilities extended graphics, UI and optimized gameplay charity some-more opportunities for players to knowledge a diversion with larger abyss and variation.

Watch a proclamation trailer below.

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