Steel Combat for PlayStation VR launches Feb 28 in Japan

Steel Combat

Colopl will launch Steel Combat, a unconventional fighting diversion in that players control robots and do conflict in a full 360-degree locus setting, for PlayStation VR in Japan on Feb 28 for 3,990 yen, a developer announced.

The diversion was formerly expelled worldwide for Oculus Rift in Aug 2016.

Here’s an overview of a title:


Steel Combat is a unconventional fighting diversion in that players can work their possess singular drudge and do conflict in an locus environment regulating a full 360-degree perspective capabilities of VR. Players will use a control pad to work their possess “Voluntary Ranger (VR)” AUV with that to do battle. Victory is usually reached when a opponent’s health sign hits 0. The pivotal to feat lies in scrupulously switching between a dual quarrel modes, tighten operation and prolonged operation modes, via a match. Online play allows for matches with players worldwide. There’s even a training mode to use a controls and master combos. In further to fasten a match, adult to 6 players can spectate on other players matches.


  • 360° Arena: Matches take place in a round 360° battlefield. Keep warning on all directions to survive!
  • Dual-mode Combat System: Switch between quarrel modes and govern short- and long-range moves on a fly.
  • Online Multiplayer: Connect to a internet and quarrel opposite players from around a world. Or if examination is some-more to your taste, witness mode allows we to perspective matches between other players in genuine time.
  • Feature-Rich Training Mode: The training mode lets players tweak and adjust each aspect of a conflict to use moves and combos. Hone your skills to take on secret adversaries!

An English recover of a PlayStation VR chronicle was not announced, yet will expected start as English PlayStation 4 trophies have already surfaced.

Watch a trailer below. Visit a central website here.

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