Standalone Elite Dangerous Arena Removed From Sale By Frontier

Elite Dangerous Arena

Frontier, developers of a overwhelming Elite Dangerous diversion have this week private a stand-alone Elite Dangerous Arena game, that was formerly accessible labelled during £4.99 from sale. Removing it from a Frontier online store, Steam and a Xbox Games Store.

The diversion was launched behind in Feb 2016 and was formerly named CQC and  available from a categorical Elite Dangerous menu. Unfortunately a actor bottom has not increasing and a miss of participants has resulted in a dismissal of a diversion from sale.

Developers Frontier explain a small some-more about a dismissal :

Just a discerning note about Arena : ‘Elite Dangerous: Arena will be private from sale on Steam, Frontier store, and on a Xbox store. This change is designed for after today.

We’ve been looking during a metrics that advise that a immeasurable infancy of new and unchanging Arena players tend to play Arena by a categorical Elite Dangerous customer rather than a standalone Arena one. We’ve finished a preference to mislay a standalone chronicle of Elite Dangerous: Arena in sequence to revoke a series of builds that have to be confirmed and managed opposite Steam, Xbox One and in 2Q’17 PlayStation Network, as good as clarifying a choices for new players of Elite Dangerous on these storefronts.

Elite Dangerous: Arena continues to be accessible and upheld as partial of a wider Elite Dangerous game. Existing and new players that join a Elite Dangerous universe will continue to be means to suffer a fast-paced movement of Arena by a categorical menu. Existing Elite Dangerous: Arena customer owners will still be means to suffer Arena as they have always done.

Not most change though we only wanted to give we a discerning heads up, to equivocate any confusion.’

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