Sony’s PSN Reaches 70 Million Monthly Active Users

Companies like Sony and Microsoft have their possess online gaming networks where PlayStation and Xbox gamers can play multiplayer games. For Sony, it is a PlayStation Network (PSN) that is apparently flourishing easily given according to Sony’s latest figures, PSN has strike 70 million monthly active users.

This is an considerable series and one that Sony is certainly celebrating.

What this means is simple. It means that during slightest 70 million players from around a universe are logged into Sony’s PSN and are personification games and chatting with any other on a monthly basis. In fact, Sony’s PSN is now braggadocio a aloft monthly active user count compared to Microsoft’s Xbox Live. So they contingency be doing something right on their PSN network.

Earlier this year, it was suggested that Xbox Live had 55 million monthly active users. The series has substantially increasing given then, nonetheless either or not it has reached PSN levels or even higher, we don’t know. At slightest until we see a central figures. Right now Sony is winning. Sony is also braggadocio that a PlayStation Plus use has strike 26.4 million subscribers, that is adult by over 6 million users from a year before. Sony is flourishing really easily according to these numbers.

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