Sony wants to make PlayStation Now disdainful to PC and PS4

If you’re a PlayStation Now user that doesn’t indeed possess a PS4, we might wish to cancel your subscription. That’s since Sony only announced that a cloud gaming use is going to dump support for all solely a flagship console and Windows PC users after this year.

On Aug 15th 2017, PlayStation Now will stop functioning on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV as good as all Sony Bravia TVs, each Sony Blu-ray actor and all Samsung intelligent TVs with entrance to a service. Yes, that’s a lot of inclination to drop, though Sony is confident about a decision, explaining in a blog post that this will assistance it build a improved user knowledge on a remaining dual platforms. In short, peculiarity over quantity.

This preference creates sense. Between all a TV and Blu-ray actor support, PlayStation Now was widespread flattering skinny opposite devices. Still, this will siphon for some users. PlayStation Now’s far-reaching device support meant that players could collect adult PS3 games on a Vita, on their PlayStation 4 or potentially on any shade in their home. Now that it is singular to a Windows appurtenance or a PS4.

Still, Sony has given users adequate modernized warning so they can finish adult any games they are personification and make certain their subscriptions are cancelled within a subsequent 6 months.

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