Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom due out by Mar 31

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom developer Enigami supposing an refurbish on a standing of a arriving movement RPG on a central Facebook page today.

According to a studio, a PC chronicle is “feature finished, and we are now debugging with skeleton to put a final touches in a entrance weeks.” The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are “almost finished – we are also debugging and should start a acceptance routine really soon.” The diversion is approaching to launch by a finish of Q1 2017 (before Mar 31).

Enigami also common some sum about a diversion in a underline finished state:

  • It takes us around 35 hours to finish a game
  • There’s some-more than 30 epic trainer fights
  • Around 100 opposite enemies we will quarrel against.
  • 2 hours of Original Sound Track.
  • 20 special quests and special missions.
  • More than 30 opposite sorcery spells
  • A singular crafting system
  • A bucket of good dungeons and enormous fights!
  • …and a whole lot of additional things we’re certain we will love.

If we missed it, a final refurbish on a diversion was in September, where a diversion was announced for recover in December.

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