Shephy entrance to PC around Steam on Aug 4


Following an iOS and Android recover in Jul 2016, and a Switch recover progressing this month, Arc System Works will recover solitaire sheep label diversion Shephy for PC around Steam on Aug 4 for $4.99 / 500 yen, a association announced.

Here’s an overview of a game, around Arc System Works:


Shephy, a single-player label diversion with lovable and poetic painting that keeps actor entrance behind for some-more is now accessible on a Nintendo Switch!

Key Features

  • Increasing a series of sheeps? – The categorical idea of a diversion is to boost your sheep count to 1000. Using multiple of a eventuality cards, grasp a idea before a rug is emptied 3 times. Let’s go sheep.
  • Beginner friendly! Practice Mode! – In a “Tutorial” and “Practice Mode,” we will be means to suffer a diversion while familiarizing yourself with a manners of Shephy.
  • Challenge a limit! Challenge Mode! – There is no extent to a series of sheep we can boost in “Challenge Mode”. Increase a sheep count as most as probable before a rug is emptied 3 times.
  • Enjoy a story! Post Loves Mode! – Enjoy a story of Shephy in a special “Post Love” diversion mode. In this mode, special set of manners might request along any partial of a story, so a diversion can be enjoyed differently.

Enjoy personification games during your possess pace?
Enjoy personification singular actor games?
Enjoy elucidate severe puzzles?
Do we adore sheep?

If yes, Shephy is a ideal diversion for you!

Watch a Steam proclamation trailer below.

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