Ruiner entrance to PS4 this summer


Set in 2091, Ruiner will drag we by a darkest, shadiest, deadliest corners of a fast growing, shining capital of Rengkok City. From a glossy corridors of Heaven’s corporate interiors, by a city’s lowest districts — even into a subterraneous imagination farms.

Your hermit is there, somewhere, watchful for we to save him.

It won’t be easy. Those who took him know you’re coming. Their hideouts are armed with mines, traps, and watchman guns, and they’re stable by armies of specialized guards and lethal assassins — some human, some machine, some in between. To rip by all that, you’ll need loads of weapons and gadgets. And some skill.


Let’s start with melee. You can hang to your good aged pipe, though if we wish something some-more fancy, go for nano katana or electric sword, or one of a heavy, ambidextrous super-swords. The dual modes of fencing have their possess advantages and special attacks. The first, light one lets we jolt enemies for a second, a lot of time to finish them. The complicated m�lange whirlwind AOE conflict is not usually fantastic though deals large amounts of damage, too!

Then there are some-more than 20 guns to select from. Starting with required pieces like pistols, SMGs, shotguns, and plasma rifles, all a approach adult to hi-tech armaments like a singleness gun, orbital cannon, sonic shotgun, lightning cannon, subzero gun, rail gun, and more. Just wait for a enemies to dump them and try for yourself. Some come with bullets that pierce by mixed enemies, jolt them, set them ablaze, disintegrate them, or rebound off walls creation a whole terrain demeanour like an violent dance-floor.

Combine that with a lot of a unlockable gadgets and cyber implants and we can see a crowd options for bringing your reprisal to a doorstep of those who did we wrong.

Dash and defense are your best friends. The brew of their descent and defensive abilities make we one lethal round of fury. As with any other tool we obtain after in a game, we can ascent and rise them, too. With Multidash we can devise out and govern your lurch method in self-defense or as an descent move, to follow down your enemies and take their weapons.

Upgraded shields will inhibit projectiles, creation we an impenetrable, lethal reflector.

Kinetic barriers let we control a battlefield, dividing a space around you, separating we from and negligence down foes and their bullets so we can collect them apart, one by one. Activating a Slow Motion mode, we can roughly solidify a stage in time and calculate your options. Overclock mode lets we dive true into a glow of tighten combat, creation we roughly invincible, while Switch Gun gives we some-more space: because not make your enemies work for we while we consider of your subsequent pierce from a distance. Did we discuss grenades? You have those, too.

Each gadget, including your m�lange weapon, can be upgraded in a series of ways to support and enhance building your play style.

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