RPG Maker Fes entrance west this summer

RPG Maker Fes

NIS America is bringing RPG Maker Fes for 3DS to North America and Europe this summer both physically and digital, a association announced during a 2017 press event. It will support English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish text.

A singular book is accessible for pre-order around a NIS America Store for $49.99, and includes a duplicate of a game, 36-page softcover art book, one-disc strange soundtrack, and collector’s box.

The game, initial launched in Japan on Nov 24, 2016, allows players to make their possess RPGs regulating a resources of pre-made resources and share them with other users. A giveaway RPG Maker Fes Player focus to be expelled on a Nintendo eShop will concede all users to crop and download a creations of users who possess RPG Maker Fes.

Here’s an overview of a game, around NIS America:


Ready to turn a diversion developer? RPG Maker Fes creates it easy to rise any RPG we can suppose with no need for programming knowhow. Simple, though absolute collection let we move to life a extraordinary stories in your head. Customize a characters, stories, fight and some-more to turn a subsequent good developer. Then, share your creations and play others with a giveaway RPG Maker Player. What story will we share?

Key Features

  • RPG-Making Made Easy – Ever had an thought for a good RPG? This is your possibility to emanate it! With powerful, though easy to use tools, any story or universe we can suppose comes to life.
  • Customized Content – Use elementary though absolute collection to customize all in your diversion from characters, universe maps, story sequences, and more.
  • Play and Share for Free – Anyone who downloads a giveaway RPG Maker Player app can play RPGs combined by RPG Maker Fes owners for free. Share a fun with your friends and people all over a world.

If we missed a prior coverage, review adult some-more on a diversion here, here, and here.

Watch a proclamation trailer below. View a initial English screenshots during a gallery.

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