Rogue Trooper Redux announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC

Rogue Trooper Redux

TickTock Games has announced Rogue Trooper Redux, a remaster of a 2006-released Rebellion-developed third-person shooter, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

Here’s an overview of a title, around TickTock:

In 2006, a strange Rogue Trooper set a benchmark for video diversion adaptations of comic books. Developed by Rebellion, a studio behind Sniper Elite 4 and owners of British comic book powerhouse 2000 AD, it was widely acclaimed for bringing a cult sci-fi frame to life in an authentic, tactical, cover-based third-person shooter that debuted before a genre became a gaming tack it is today.

Rogue Trooper Redux will remaster a Rebellion classical for a new era of players, holding them to a chem-blasted battlefields of Nu Earth. Rogue, a bio-engineered Genetic Infantryman (or “GI”) defence to a planet’s unwholesome atmosphere, is a final infantryman station opposite a colonial Nort regime. Carrying 3 depressed comrades as biochips in his equipment, Rogue is a one-unit patrol of genocide and destruction, and he usually has one thing on his mind – Revenge.

Rogue Trooper Redux is being grown in partnership with gifted UK studio TickTock Games, creation it a initial 2000 AD diversion grown outward of Rebellion. The diversion also outlines a initial of potentially many outwardly grown 2000 AD games after announcing it will open adult a resources of iconic IP – such as Judge Dredd and Sláine – to other developers.

Watch a teaser trailer below. Visit a game’s central website here.

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