Rogue Legacy studio announces Full Metal Furies for Xbox One, PC

Full Metal Furies

Rogue Legacy developer Cellar Door Games has announced Full Metal Furies for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam.

The “RPG-laden movement brawler” supports adult to 4 players and aims to update a genre, “from blank attacks to problematic abyss perception,” RPG ability trees, collectible equipment, secret-world meta puzzles, and more.

Here’s a full overview, around Cellar Door:


Full Metal Furies is an RPG-laden movement soldier for adult to 4 players. But a soldier regulation is a small outdated, done for a time when arcade machines guzzled quarters. So this isn’t usually another old-school beat-em-up. Full Metal Furies is a take during modernizing a genre, and bringing it to a new era of gamers. Nothing is dedicated in Full Metal Furies as we scrutinized any emanate we had with a brawler, from blank attacks due to problematic abyss perception, to constantly fighting off-screen enemies. On tip of that, we brought in a slew of some-more contemporary features, like RPG ability trees, collectible equipment, and tip universe meta-puzzles. And this isn’t even articulate about a commune yet!

Full Metal Furies was designed to support loyal mild gaming so it’s not usually players pity a same screen. A special “barrier system” means certain enemies can usually be shop-worn by certain players, forcing teammates to promulgate and work together. If an fan falls we improved collect them up, since those barriers don’t go away. And this isn’t usually for people personification with friends. Single actor mode facilities a quick-swap complement that allows we to select dual classes while going solo. Everything we do with your friends we can do alone, like stringing elaborate group combos.

Best of all, we wanted to give gamers many opportunities to play with their friends and family, that is because Full Metal Furies is not usually ancillary online commune play, though full Xbox Play Anywhere and Cross Play support. That means one squeeze will concede we to play on your Xbox One or Windows 10 machine, and both console and PC gamers can combine with a Furies to take down a Titans!


  • A complicated take on a 2D RPG-Brawler for Steam, Windows 10, and Xbox One.
  • Full online and offline commune play for adult to 4 players.
  • Xbox Play Anywhere and Cross Play supported.
  • Unique ‘quick-swap’ underline in singular player. Lets we barter between dual classes during any time during a action.
  • Tired of symbol mashing? The diversion facilities 4 singular impression classes with their possess skills and attacks. Engage from distant as a Sniper, impact adult tighten as a Fighter, or prep turrets in people’s faces with a Engineer.
  • A special separator complement encourages communication and team-work among players, and ensures that we always quarrel together.
  • Fully featured turn adult complement with formidable ability trees that clear new abilities for any impression class.
  • Find and master apparatus that changes a approach any heroine plays.
  • No damsels in distress, no saving a girl. Follow a Furies while they hunt for a answer to assent in a universe scorched by grievous Titans.
  • Uncover dark treasures galore as we solve meta-puzzles and betray a secrets behind a disappearance of Prometheus, creator of Man.
  • Experience an in-depth journey that spans mixed worlds and lasts for 20+ hours (estimated).
  • Say goodbye to wonky strike detection. Full Metal Furies uses formidable conflict proof to safeguard inferior abyss notice is a thing of a past.
  • No some-more cannon fodder. Fragile Artillerists will stay divided and call atmosphere strikes from afar, while heavy-duty Minitaurs will assign during we and get up-close and personal. Every rivalry is a threat.

Watch a proclamation trailer below.

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