Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC Trailer And Details Revealed (video)

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC

A new trailer and some-more sum about a Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC have been expelled this week by Capcom, providing a initial demeanour during what we can design from a initial DLC entitled Banned Footage Vol. 1 that is now accessible to download and try on PlayStation 4.

Don’t forget that a Banned Footage Vol. 2 is also really tighten to being expelled so don’t delay. Kellen Haney from Capcom explains some-more about a new Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage DLC

While a events of Resident Evil 7 biohazard make adult Ethan’s story, a tapes in a dual Banned Footage volumes yield backstory into other characters in a game. See what went on with another bad plant that competence demeanour informed to you, and find out how a Bakers became a disfigured family we see in RE7.

Those of we who have played a Beginning Hour demo and watched a VHS tapes in RE7 will be informed with Clancy, a untimely cameraman who assimilated a “Sewer Gators,” Pete and Andre, on their cursed revisit to a Baker’s camp house. Nightmare, one of a tapes in Banned Footage Vol. 1, explores what happens to Clancy shortly after he’s distant from his team.

Captured by Jack Baker and tossed into a basement, Clancy’s night of apprehension has usually usually begun. Surrounded by Molded, he contingency tarry until illumination opposite an unconstrained society of enemies. Craft weapons and ammunition, set traps, and see if we have what it takes to tarry until a object rises. You’ll have to devise carefully; picking adult throw in a sourroundings will concede we to qualification some-more supplies, though resources are limited!

There’s some-more to Clancy’s story in a second fasten from Banned Footage Vol. 1. Waking adult in an unknown bedroom, Clancy is shortly greeted by Marguerite, portion adult a special and quite grotesque-looking meal. If we know what a Bakers eat, we know we don’t wish to hold a food she puts in front of you.

In a fittingly-named Bedroom tape, hunt a room for hints on how to escape, solve puzzles, and find a approach out, all while ensuring that Marguerite doesn’t notice that you’ve been out of bed. You’ll usually have so most time before she returns, so make certain that all is accurately where it’s ostensible to be — including Clancy. You won’t like a consequences if Marguerite notices something is amiss.

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