Quake Champions ‘Sorlag’ Champion trailer

Quake Champions

The ninth trailer in Bethesda Softworks and id Software’s array of “Champion” impression trailers for Quake Champions introduces Sorlag.

Here’s a brief overview of Sorlag, around Bethesda:

Sorlag was innate and bred for one purpose: Hunt a warmbloods. After being pulled into a Dreamlands, she continues to file her skills, tracking down her opponents in a Arenas and slaughtering them but mercy. With her poisonous poison spit, she’s means to lay down damage-dealing traps to lean a quarrel to her advantage.

If we missed it, prior trailers introduced Visor, Ranger, Galena, Clutch, Slash, Anarki, Scalebearer, and Nyx.

Watch a trailer below.

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