PS4 refurbish 4.50 adds outmost HDD support, tradition wallpapers, PS4 Pro Boost Mode, more

External HDD Support

PlayStation 4 refurbish 4.50

It’s easy to ascent a HDD that came with your PS4, though if you’re still looking for some-more storage space on a console, we’ve got we covered. With this update, we have a choice to store calm to an outmost HDD. Just block a USB 3.0 HDD into your PS4, and voilà, we now have some-more space on a console.

This is concordant with HDDs adult to 8TB in size. You can download and implement applications directly to your additional storage, and a saved essence are simply docile by a settings menu.

Also, all a applications saved in a outmost HDD will seem in a Content Launcher of a Home Screen so it’s easy to keep lane of what apps we launched recently.

Custom Wallpapers

PlayStation 4 refurbish 4.50

This refurbish adds a ability to set your favorite in-game screenshot as a credentials picture for PS4’s home screen. Drop-shadows on text, and a choice to low a Function Area, will assistance keep a complement icons and texts on a home shade clearly manifest even if a credentials picture we comparison is super bright.

Quick Menu Refresh

PlayStation 4 refurbish 4.50

As we might know, in a final complement refurbish we overhauled a PS4 Quick Menu underline (the menu that appears after a prolonged press of a PS symbol on DualShock 4).

This refurbish brings additional improvements to make it even some-more accessible. Now a Quick Menu will cover even reduction of your gameplay screen, and you’ll be means to entrance accessible Party facilities around Online Friends, like formulating new parties, mouth-watering friends, and fasten parties, though transitioning to a apart Party app. The idea is to keep we in a diversion — and not stranded in menus.

Simplified Notification List

PlayStation 4 refurbish 4.50

Before this update, a Notifications app had a accumulation of tabs on a left-hand side, like Game Alerts, Downloads, Uploads, and more. We’ve precipitated all of a tabs to a singular simplified list, creation it easier to see all of your notifications all at-a-glance.

You can also fast entrance a Notification settings from a Options Menu to spin off or customize that pop-up notifications seem on your screen, so you’re usually being told about your tip priorities.

Post on PlayStation Network Activity Feeds

We’re adding a ability to post directly into a Activity Feed, that appears in a accumulation of places opposite a console, including What’s New. Under What’s New, you’ll see a new choice to post things like text, screenshots, and gifs directly into your Activity Feed. You can also tab games or other users to make certain they don’t skip your post. It’s a good approach to uncover off your biggest triumphs.
Tying into this new feature, Live from PlayStation will uncover screenshots that users uploaded to PSN as a Public Activity, so we can uncover off your best gameplay moments not usually to your friends, though to users around a globe.

3D Blu-rays on PlayStation VR

If you’re a fan of 3D movies, and we possess PlayStation VR, we’ve got good news — this refurbish adds a ability to perspective 3D cinema in stereoscopic 3D directly on a PS VR headset. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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