Pokémon Go’ is accessible on a Apple Watch

Pokémon Go has now done a approach to a Apple Watch, so now trainers can get notifications right on their wrists about circuitously Pokémon, PokéStops, eggs and medals. Awesome.

Players can also collect goodies from PokéStops directly around a Apple Watch. This latest chronicle of Pokémon Go also lets we record any gameplay event as a examination that depends toward your Apple Watch Activity rings. It also displays a stretch trafficked toward hatching an egg and receiving Candy for Pokémon. So if we have an Apple Watch, we are going to suffer this.

The Pokémon Go Apple Watch app can’t indeed locate Pokémon though. That’s a usually drawback. The Apple Watch activates if there’s a Pokémon nearby, though players still need to lift out their iPhones to locate a creatures. Niantic recently combined new Pokémon from a Gold and Silver games to Pokémon Go, and it threw in a Santa-hat-wearing Pikachu to tempt you, That special Pikachu is usually accessible to find and locate by Dec 29th so we improved get on that one right away. They might even supplement some-more Pokemon functionality for a Apple Watch down a road, though it has some good facilities right now during any rate.

Source Engadget

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