Pocket Rumble, WarGroove, and Stardew Valley entrance to Switch


ChuckleFish Games has announced it’s bringing Pocket Rumble from Cardboard Robot Games, a possess newly announced WarGroove, and Stardew Valley from ConcernedApe to Switch.

Pocket Rumble will launch as a console disdainful for Switch in March. WarGroove will launch for Switch alongside Xbox One and PC after this year. Stardew Valley will launch this summer, with Switch being a initial console to support a game’s new multiplayer feature.

Here’s an overview of all 3 titles:

Pocket Rumble (Cardboard Robot Games, Mar 2017)

This low 2D warrior creates players wish to chuck down, anywhere, anytime. The battles get even some-more heated with a inclusion of HD rumble: When players get strike by a diseased attack, it’ll feel really opposite from removing rocked by a clever one. The diversion is scheduled to launch as a console disdainful for Nintendo Switch in March.

WarGroove (Chucklefish Games, 2017)

WarGroove is a complicated take on a elementary nonetheless low turn-based tactical gameplay popularized in a 2000s by handheld games such as Advance Wars. As large fans of those games we were unhappy to find that zero in this genre was accessible on stream era platforms and set out to fill a opening ourselves. WarGroove aims to reconstruct a attract and accessibility of a titles that desirous it while bringing complicated record into a formula. This complicated concentration allows for aloft fortitude pixel art, strong online play and low modding capability, eventually formulating a many finish knowledge for Advance Wars and TBS fans.

  • Choose from one of 12+ groovy commanders from a 4 warring factions, unbarred as we swell by Story Mode
  • Each commander has a extensive debate of their own, exploring their motivations and personality
  • Local and online multiplayer push mode with finish order customization
  • Local and online rival and commune play
  • Easy to use in-game map and debate editors
  • Beautiful high fortitude pixel art conflict scenes and desirable aesthetic
  • Starbound’s Floran competition reappears as a playable faction!
  • A series of new to a genre gameplay facilities TBA during a after date

Stardew Valley (ConcernedApe, Summer 2017)

Nintendo Switch will be a initial console to support a game’s new multiplayer feature. The open-ended, country-life RPG is scheduled to launch this summer.

Watch a set of trailers below.

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