PlayStation VR Gets YouTube Support

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset now has support for practical existence videos on YouTube. Version 1.09 of a YouTube app for PlayStation 4 adds support for Sony’s practical existence headset. So what accurately does this meant for you?

Well, it means that PlayStation 4 owners with a PlayStation VR headset can now use it to watch practical existence videos that are accessible on YouTube.

PlayStation VR is essentially for VR gaming though there are a lot of VR video apps accessible on a PlayStation Store. If we wish to knowledge something other than gaming in VR, these apps are what we want. And now a YouTube app has been combined to a list. Version 1.09 of a YouTube app for PlayStation 4 is rolling out slowly. It gas not left live opposite all regions nonetheless so it’s substantially going to be a few days before a latest chronicle of a YouTube app for PS4 goes live everywhere. You should see it soon.

The app refurbish will concede PlayStation VR owners to use their headset to watch practical existence calm on YouTube. When we launch a app while wearing a headset, we have a choice to run a PlayStation VR chronicle or a Normal chronicle of a app.

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