PlayStation 4 Software Update 4.50 Brings External HDD Support And More

PlayStation 4

Sony has suggested some-more sum on what is entrance in their PlayStation 4 Software 4.50 update, a module refurbish will move support for outmost tough drives and we will be means to use USB 3.0 tough drives with your PS4 and drives adult to a large 8TB in size.

The refurbish also comes with a ability to setup tradition wallpapers on your PlayStation 4, we will be means to use in diversion shade shots and more.

Starting today, those of we comparison for a beta module will get an early look during some of a new facilities entrance to PS4 with a subsequent vital complement module update, chronicle 4.50 (codenamed Sasuke). If we sealed adult for a beta and were chosen, you’ll accept an email with instructions on how to download and get started.

There are also some changes entrance a Quick Menu, it now takes adult reduction of your diversion play shade and it creates it easier to use.

The PlayStation 4 4.50 module refurbish also embody a simplified Notification List, that is designed to make it easier for we to entrance your notifications.

There is also support for 3D Blu-rays on PayStation VR and we can now also post on a PlayStation Network activity feeds. You can find full sum on all that is entrance in a 4.50 module refurbish for a PS4 over during Sony during a couple below.

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