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PlayStation 4 Pro for Stronger and More Capable Console

PlayStation 4 Pro for Stronger and More Capable Console
PlayStation 4 Pro for Stronger and More Capable Console

Within the rousing and development of mobile-based games, it seems that console games still have so many enthusiasts all around the world. It is proven by some producers that always try to improve their products. Interestingly, it is not only about the enhancement in term of performance, the design is also made in more sophisticated way. one of the products that show those two improvements is Sony PlayStation 4 PRO. This product is probably the answer for the challenge given from Nintendo with its Nintendo Switch. Well, for many reasons, this product is indeed worth to buy due to many great features. So, what are they?


Sony PlayStation 4 PRO is basically the development of Sony PlayStation 4 built up previous years later. This series look so sophisticated indeed. However, it is also harder due to the extra layers on the surface. In one point, it is basically good for the additional protection. However, this also makes this series much heavier even the previous one. Meanwhile, there are also ports changed in some parts with some physical buttons for Eject Disc and Power. Besides, cool PlayStation logo is placed on the upper cover. In general, it still looks so elegant.


PlayStation 4 PRO comes with some additional features that cannot be underestimated. It is really purposed to improve the gaming experience for all the users. It features CPU which is 1.3 times better and stronger and 2.3 GPU which is stronger as well than the previous one. Meanwhile, it has 24% more bandwidth memory compared to PlayStation 4 in standard version. Sony just wants to make sure that almost all games are able to be used with better framerate and resolution up to 4K. Sure, the visualization looks more qualified also. For the rests, it has features and functions similar to the regular Play Station 4. Sony has been committed to make sure that both are from the same ecosystem.

Meanwhile, there are some more specifications offered; they are storage size for 1 TB, the Read Only BD/ DVD Drive, Ethernet networking and Bluetooth 4.0, and power consumption for maximum 310 W. For the operating temperature, it is around 5C-3C to make sure that it is in a good condition. If you wonder whether this newest series from PlayStation has problems like accidentally stopped or not, fortunately, it is not. Thanks for some great features that make it always perform good even if the heat is more than what it can handle. Besides, the layers that have been mentioned above are also very capable to make the device stronger than what you may expect.

Pros and Cons

To buy PlayStation 4 PRO is a good decision as it is equipped by various great features; there are some matters you need to acknowledge as comparison to other device products.

Pro       : it is strong enough with the additional layer; the CPU and GPU are 1.3 times and 2.3 times stronger than the previous ones respectively, big bandwidth memory, great framerate performance, great visualization.

Cons    : It is heavy for the additional layers.

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