Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Fig debate launched

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Obsidian Entertainment is appropriation a growth of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, a supplement to a 2015-launched, critically acclaimed PC RPG, by a Fig debate seeking $1.1 million.

Here’s a full overview of a game, around a Fig page:

Welcome Back to Eora

Eothas has returned. The God of light and rebirth was suspicion dead, though he now inhabits a mill titan that sat buried underneath your keep, Caed Nua, for millennia. Ripping his approach out of a ground, he broken your building and left we during a margin of death. To save your soul, we contingency lane down a careless God and direct answers – answers that could chuck mortals and a gods themselves into chaos.

Your hunt takes we to a Deadfire Archipelago. Located even over easterly than a colonies of a Eastern Reach, Deadfire comprises hundreds of islands travelling thousands of miles – trimming from sensuous tropics to empty deserts. Many of these lands have never been charted, while others are inhabited by abounding local cultures and a new call of colonial settlers.

Obsidian Entertainment proudly presents a supplement to a crowdfunded and critically-acclaimed role-playing game, Pillars of Eternity. Welcome to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. With Pillars II, we are revisiting a abounding narrative, pleasing environments, and tactical fight that done Pillars of Eternity one of a highest-rated PC games of all time. Having a growth group of over 77,000 people done a initial diversion possible, though your feedback and village support done it amazing! Our group wants to take we on a second tour to Eora. We couldn’t be some-more vehement to get all of we concerned in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

What’s New

  • Explore Deadfire – Voyage by land and sea opposite a innumerable islands of Deadfire to learn new cultures and environments. Help to solve a multi-layered dispute between a locals, desirous trade companies, and bands of extreme pirates while following in a footsteps of Eothas.
  • A Living, Breathing World – The people of Deadfire have lives of their own, jobs to do, and appointments to keep. They will lift on with their affairs even when you’re not watching. If we don’t find a travel squad in their common haunt, a travel urchin competence be swayed to tell we that during night you’ll find them during their wave house.
  • New and Returning Companions – While some informed faces will be returning, Deadfire will also benefaction a uninformed stand of travelers with stories of their own. Companions are firmly intertwined with a predestine of Eothas and a Deadfire and will change formed on a player’s choices over a march of a story.
  • Enhanced Reactivity – Continue a story we began as a Watcher of Caed Nua in Pillars of Eternity, and see how your decisions and actions in a Dyrwood insist in Deadfire.
  • Dynamic Weather – In further to a abounding and different environments, Pillars II will underline heated and immersive energetic weather. Rains, extreme winds and sandstorms are among a harsher conditions that are hackneyed in Deadfire. You’ll even hear a sleet pulsation on a roof when we go inside.
  • And, There’s More – A new energetic lighting and shadows engine bringing even some-more life to characters in a world, each spells and abilities revised new visible effects operative in unison with a new lighting and shadow, scripted interactions that let we simply select who participates, all new interfaces for register and dialog, new creatures, and much, most more.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire has an guess conveyance date of Q1 2018.

Watch a Fig debate video below.

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