Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL Coming Next Month

Are we a Pokemon fan in need of a new 3DS XL? If so, we have some good news for you. Nintendo has announced that it’s bringing a Pikachu-inspired Nintendo New 3DS XL to North America subsequent month. It is about time too. Japan has had this console given final year.

However, now a association is bringing it to a West, where fans in North America can finally buy one. That is reason for any Pokemon fan to celebrate.

This chronicle of a handheld console has a sketch of Pikachu on it, though doesn’t underline any additional extras or games. Just a cold Pikachu exterior. It is fundamentally only a imagination new paint job. You could get this or save your income for a new Nintendo Switch. Or get both.

You’ll be means to squeeze a Pikachu-inspired New 3DS XL in North America starting Feb 24th for only $199. Just remember that even if we do wish to save your income until Mar when Nintendo will finally recover a next-generation console, a Nintendo Switch, a association has pronounced that both a Switch and 3DS will coexist once a new console is out. So it is cold to stone both of them.

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