Persona 5 ‘Shinya Oda,’ ‘Ichiko Ohya,’ ‘Chihaya Mifune,’ and ‘Yuuki Mishima’ Confidant trailers

Persona 5

Atlus has expelled a new set of Persona 5 trailers introducing 4 some-more Confidants, characters that players will build and say relations with to clear special ability bonuses, useful services, and more.

Get a trailers below.

Shinya Oda

If we had to use marksmanship in a nation that has a despotic firearms ban, where would we go? If we answered with “the arcade,” ding ding ding you’re positively correct! Oh, and it only so happens that a certain arcade in Akihabara is home bottom to one of Japan’s many achieved sharpened diversion players, Shinya Oda. This pint-sized gaming expert is a grandmaster during “Gun About,” so he really knows a thing or dual about shooting. Spending time with him can assistance a Phantom Thieves learn some nifty gun skills that can be used in battle, such as a ability to enter a gun-based All-out Attack after a successful waylay with Bullet Hail, shock enemies during traffic with Warning Shot, and most more!

Ichiko Ohya

When she’s not bustling chasing a lead, publisher Ichiko Ohya can be found enjoying a splash (or dual or 3 or 4 or five) during a Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku. So because would a Phantom Thieves wish to work with a annoying reporter? Simply put, they have a special “deal.” The protagonist reserve her with engaging tid-bits about a Thieves, and she’ll write articles about them. The open is going crazy for some-more news about a puzzling masked group, so because not only let Ichiko give it to them? Besides, carrying some-more fame/infamy is good for a team’s travel cred. Oh, and she’ll also yield useful abilities like creation it harder for a confidence turn to fill during Palace heists.

Chihaya Mifune

It’s ALWAYS intelligent to see a clairvoyant from time to time, and luckily a Phantom Thieves know a really good one named Chihaya Mifune. Operating out of her medium bureau (a table) in Shinjuku, a spacey Chihaya will cheerfully use tarot cards to envision a protagonist’s fortune. So how does this assistance a team? Well by spending time her, she’ll be means to perform special happening readings that can supplement useful buffs like augmenting a expansion rate of a amicable stat or deepening a bond with a specific confidant.

Yuuki Mishima

What do we do when a high-school classmate total out that we and your friends are indeed a barbarous “criminals” famous as a Phantom Thieves of Hearts? Why we make him partial of a crew, of course! Yuuki Mishima is a amicable media theorist who uncovers a change ego of a protagonist, so he naturally decides to work for a organisation and emanate a Phantom Thieves Aficionado Website (also famous as the, wait for it, Phan-Site). Besides building adult a phan bottom (see what we did there?), he’ll also be means to support a thieves with buffs that boost EXP warranted from battle, concede backup members to acquire EXP, and more! Wow, isn’t that only phan-tastic? Ok, I’ll stop now.

Persona 5 is now accessible for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan, and will launch in North America and Europe on Apr 4.

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