PaRappa a Rapper Remastered launches Apr 20 in Japan

PaRappa The Rapper Remastered

PaRappa a Rapper Remastered will launch for PlayStation 4 both physically and around a PlayStation Store in Japan on Apr 20 for 1,800 yen, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia announced.

Early purchases of a digital chronicle will embody 6 strange PlayStation Network avatars.

Here’s a brief overview of a game, around Sony:


Iconic, character-based strain and hip-hop game, PaRappa The Rapper comes to a whole new era of gamers with PlayStation 4 in PaRappa The Rapper Remastered. Developed in organisation with mythological multimedia musician Masaya Matsuura and famed New York artist Rodney Greenblat, a PaRappa The Rapper authorization debuted 20 years ago on PlayStation and is widely credited with substantiating a strain and stroke diversion genre that continues to flower today. PaRappa The Rapper Remastered updates a classical diversion with high res graphics providing smoother lines and textures, CD-quality sound, prize support and new control features!

Follow PaRappa as he attempts to swat his approach into a heart of his unreal adore interest, Sunny Funny, by several low-pitched adventures revitalized with extended graphics for today’s high clarification televisions.

Key Features

  • Fresh Graphics for Today’s Gamer – Powered by PS4, PaRappa and his friends come to life as never seen before with spotless adult graphics, reformatted for 16:9 televisions and rendered in 4K and 1080p.
  • CD peculiarity soundtrack – Players will incline their heads along with a soundtrack that has been digitally remastered for uncompressed audio.
  • Unique Visual Style – stylish flattened animation technique combines fun and colourful characters and a humorous storyline.
  • Rhythm-based Gameplay – master a addictive rhythm, timing, and coordination-based gameplay
  • New control schemes take advantage of DualShock 4 features
    • “Feel a Beat”– The DualShock 4 wireless controller provides a solid metronome for any strain to assistance a actor ‘feel’ when they need PaRappa to swat in response to any character.
    • “See a Beat” – The actor idol enlarges when a actor presses any symbol during a strain to assistance give visible feedback while they’re playing.

LocoRoco Remastered and Patapon Remastered are also due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan in 2017, both in earthy and digital formats. Here are their box arts:

LocoRoco Remastered

Patapon Remastered

Read some-more about those dual titles here.

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