Overwatch Year of a Rooster Now On Until Feb 13th 2017 (video)

Overwatch Year of a Rooster

Aaron Keller Assistant Game Director on a Overwatch group has taken to a central PlayStation blog this week to exhibit some-more sum about a new Overwatch eventuality that is now underway until Feb 13th, 2017 and takes a form of Overwatch: Year of a Rooster.

From now until Feb 13th PlayStation 4 gamers have a possibility to collect some-more than 100 new anniversary cosmetic equipment from special Lunar Loot Boxes, quarrel underneath fireworks on a Lijiang Tower map, and suffer a new constraint a flag-style mode.

Check out a central trailer for a new Overwatch Year of a Rooster eventuality subsequent to learn some-more about what we can design from a PlayStation 4 multiplayer game.


Keller explains a small some-more about a Year of a Rooster eventuality that is now underway and accessible to suffer a subsequent integrate of weeks.

As with a prior events, during Year of a Rooster a customary Loot Boxes have been substituted out for special Lunar Loot Boxes, any containing during slightest one object from a Lunar New Year collection — including some gratifying new mythological skins like Palanquin D.Va and Wukong Winston.

The essence of Lunar Loot Boxes are random, though if you’ve got your eye on a specific spray, feat pose, emote, prominence intro, or skin, we can squeeze them from a Hero Gallery with in-game credits during a event. Once you’ve unbarred an item, it’ll stay in your register even after a event’s over, so we can applaud a Year of a Rooster all year round.

One of a favorite things about anniversary events is a brawls, that give us a good event to examination with new kinds of gameplay — from a quick and raging group competition of Lúcioball to a commune PvE plea of Junkenstein’s Revenge. For a Lunar New Year, we took a evidence from tradition and came adult with an Overwatch take on a rival gaming staple: constraint a flag.

In Capture a Rooster, teams will face off on Lijiang Tower, attempting to secure a rivalry dwindle while a hostile group does a same. In this fast-paced brawl, players will need to get artistic with their group compositions as they try to erect a lineup built for descent speed and safeguarding a flagbearer. I’m certain a village will come adult with some extraordinary strategies, though for now I’ll leave we with one square of advice: when you’re initial starting out, make certain to have during slightest one actor ensure a flag. You don’t wish to make it too easy for Tracer to squeeze a thing!

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