Overwatch reveals new favourite Orisa


Overwatch will supplement a 24th playable favourite with new impression Orisa by a subsequent patch, Blizzard Entertainment announced.

The patch is now accessible on a Public Test Region of a PC chronicle of Overwatch. Read some-more here.

Here’s an introduction to a new character, around a Overwatch offiical website:


  • Real Name: Orisa
  • Age: 1 month
  • Occupation: Guardian Robot
  • Base of Operations: Numbani
  • Affiliation: None

Built from tools of one of Numbani’s ephemeral OR15 invulnerability robots, Orisa is a city’s newest protector, yet she still has most to learn.

Originally put into use before a Omnic Crisis, a OR14 “Idina” line of confidence robots was built in Nigeria’s large prolongation omnium. After a war, they were taken out of production, along with many of a other models used during a crisis. Twenty years later, Numbani regenerated and recommissioned a OR14 module to strengthen a city from outmost threats. These new OR15s were deployed for a brief time before they were broken in an conflict by Doomfist.

Following a attack, a module was scrapped, and a county supervision sole off a remaining OR15 inventory. Some tools were purchased by eleven-year-old Efi Oladele, a shining lady whose early accomplishments in robotics and synthetic comprehension had already warranted her a Adawe Foundation’s “genius grant.”

With a capitulation of her bargain and big parents, Efi spent a bulk of her extend income to acquire one of a decommissioned OR15 bots. She believed that Numbani indispensable a defender and that an upgraded OR15 could do only that. Efi remade and reconfigured a drudge and commissioned a celebrity core that she had designed herself.

She named Numbani’s newest favourite Orisa.

Orisa has shown that she can be of use to a city, though she is still operative toward anticipating her optimal protocols. The omnic’s unawareness can means her to be an occasional liability. Fortunately, between Efi’s eagerness to make a required modifications and Orisa’s adaptive synthetic intelligence, both drudge and creator have always been means to set things right.

As Orisa starts her career as a guardian, she has most to learn about a universe and her functionality. But as prolonged as she is guided by Efi’s eternal confidence and her possess flourishing clarity of respect and duty, Orisa stands prepared to strengthen Numbani and her creator during any cost.


  • Role: Tank
  • Difficulty: Two Stars

Orisa serves as a executive anchor of her team, and defends her teammates from a frontline with a protecting barrier. She can conflict from prolonged range, waken her possess defenses, launch graviton charges to delayed and pierce enemies, and muster a Supercharger to boost a repairs outlay of mixed allies during once.


  • Fusion Driver – Orisa’s involuntary missile cannon delivers postulated damage, though slows her transformation while she fires it.
  • Fortify – Orisa temporarily reduces repairs she takes, and can't be influenced by action-impairing effects.
  • Halt! – Orisa launches a graviton assign that she can detonate, negligence circuitously enemies and pulling them towards a explosion.
  • Protective Barrier – Orisa throws out a still separator that can strengthen her and her allies from rivalry fire.
  • Supercharger – Orisa deploys a device to boost repairs inflicted by allies within her line of sight.

Watch a Orisa exhibit trailers below.

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