Over 80,000 Nintendo Switch Consoles Sold In The UK

Nintendo Switch

The new Nintendo Switch went on sale final Friday and now we have some sum on how many consoles have been sole in a UK.

According to a new news Nintendo sole 80,000 Switch consoles in a UK final weekend, this is double that of their prior console, a Wii U.

This is not as high as a launch of a 3DS in a UK that sole 113,000 units on a initial weekend and also next a 2500,000 PlayStation 4 consoles and 150,000 Xbox One consoles sole on their opening weekends.

This is a good start for Nintendo and sales of their new game, The Legend of Zelda Breath of a Wild were good as it finished adult being a second many renouned boxed diversion this week.

It will be engaging to see if Nintendo can boost their weekly sales of their console and also we are looking brazen to anticipating out how it did in other countries.

Source Gamesinsdustry.biz

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